Plan for Success

The complete planning guide for students who struggle with deadlines.

What if your teen never forgot a major deadline again?

digital mockup of Plan for Success on a laptop, iPad, and phone.

With Plan for Success, there’s no need for your student to keep apologizing to their teachers every time they forget a major assignment, hoping they won’t fail. They’ll learn how to manage major school deadlines in a few hours or less.

Tell me if this sounds like you:

  • It breaks your heart to know that your teen or college student keeps having to apologize to teachers for missed work, and they’re even starting to feel ashamed at school
  • Your teen keeps losing points on late projects and assignments
  • Your student’s grades are dropping (or they’re getting good grades, but tracking all those dates is sucking the life out of them)
  • Your student keeps getting surprised by due dates which creates a ton of last-minute stress in your home
  • Your student is having trouble keeping track of school requirements
  • You can tell that for your teenager, the anxiety of never knowing if they’re forgetting an assignment is really getting to them
  • Your teen has no system for important papers, causing them to miss deadlines and lose assignments You know your teen’s teachers told then when their midterms and final exams are, but they have no idea what those deadlines are or where to find them

What if …

. . . there was an easy way for your teen to plan an entire semester in about an hour, so that they always know what’s due?

. . . your teen was so organized that their classmates start asking them when the deadlines are?

I want to teach your teen how to easily track all of their major deadlines so that they can start feeling proud of their planning skills (even if they’ve struggled with organization their entire life). That’s exactly why I created Plan for Success.

If you want your teenager to be able to create an easy and colorful system for tracking a full semester of major school deadlines in a few hours or less, here’s how to do it:

Plan for Success

“Okay, so what is Plan for Success?”

Plan for Success is a digital product that teaches your teen how to track an entire semester of major school deadlines in a few hours or less so that they are never surprised by last minute deadlines again.

What you’ll receive:

  • My favorite planner tips to help your teen successfully manage schoolwork and confidently finish work on time
  • A planning supplies list. Five things your teen needs, plus an optional motivation booster.
  • Paper management strategies so that your teen doesn’t lose important school assignments – no more last minute drama every time they search for the directions for an assignment due tomorrow
  • How to create an appealing study station at home to make it easier for your teen to work without distraction
  • Syllabus Secrets – decoding the most crucial parts of those documents from the first day of class, and why they’re the secret to better grades
  • My proprietary Rainbow Deadline System to make sure your teen is never surprised by major due dates again.
  • Troubleshooting Guide – what to do if your teen is still having a hard time getting and staying organized.

As a parent, it’s been incredibly painful to watch your teen get into trouble at school when they’re clearly trying so hard.

Right now, your teen is struggling with missed school deadlines and lost papers, and they keep having to ask their friends what homework is due. They don’t always remember when they have exams, so they often have to improvise last minute on quizzes and tests.

But the worst part is that their teachers act like your teen doesn’t care. They keep getting criticized when they’re trying their best. They apologize and hope their teachers will accept partial credit for their late assignments, but they’re really tired of people treating them like they’re “bad” or “difficult” just because they have a bit of trouble with deadlines. Your teen has been dealing with this situation for a long time and it doesn’t seem like there is a solution.

But imagine if you and your teen had access to an easy system created by a college educator to help your teen track those deadlines all semester.

Imagine if they felt calm and confident because they knew exactly when to expect their midterms, final exams, and big papers. Imagine your teen becoming one of “those” students – the ones with carefully sorted papers, a planner, and awesome grades. And best of all, imagine your teen feeling proud of themselves because they can keep track of things that other students can’t.

This can happen for you, and quickly, with Plan for Success.

Plan for Success

Hi, I’m Dr. Sarah Curzi.

I hold a Ph.D. from Duke University, a Master of Arts from Duke University, a Master of Music from the New England Conservatory of Music, and a Bachelor of Music summa cum laude from Northwestern University.

I have taught at Duke University (Durham, NC), Baruch College (New York City), ABCD University High School (Boston, MA), Massachusetts Institute for Technology’s SEED program (pre-engineering for high school students), YMCA Achievers (SAT preparation in Boston, MA), SAT and SSAT preparation for private students in Boston and New York City, and voice, piano, and general music for private students in Brookline and Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. My upcoming article on autism and college disability accommodations will appear in Autism Parenting Magazine in December 2021.

While I’m an experienced educator today, the path wasn’t easy. When I developed autonomic failure in graduate school, I suddenly couldn’t remember anything. I couldn’t get enough blood to my brain and was on the verge of fainting all the time. While I struggled to get a diagnosis, I invented survival strategies to track my deadlines so that I wouldn’t have to drop out of school. Because I felt so dizzy, I needed an organization system that was simple, easy, and effective. The system I used to survive graduate school is exactly what I teach you inside Plan for Success.

I created this product because I want to share my knowledge with current students who are struggling. I want you to be able to confidently manage your school deadlines, even if you have a health condition that makes things more difficult for you.

Profile of Dr. Sarah Curzi, college consultant

What you’ll learn inside Plan for Success

My favorite tips for buying and using a planner, a straightforward list of planning supplies, what kind of planner works best, and an optional motivation booster for students who need it. ($8 value)

The next section is great for students who tend to lose assignments and handouts. I explain two paper management strategies and the pros and cons of each (including which ones you should choose if you have health conditions like ADD/ADHD or if you have disabilities that affect your hands or muscle strength). This section also includes important tips for keeping each syllabus (with all your final exam deadlines) near your work for each class. ($12 value)

How to make a study station. If you have trouble sitting down to work, or if you get distracted when you work, it is so helpful to make a special space that is ONLY for schoolwork. If your school supplies tend to wander all over the house or get mixed in with laundry or your sibling’s stuff, this section is for you. It’s nice and short so that you don’t have to read a lot 😊 (6$ value)

I’ll also talk you through Syllabus Secrets, an easy 6-step system for translating those boring documents into better grades and less stress. This section also teaches you where to keep those syllabi so you never lose them. When it comes time for your final exam, you don’t want to be searching through hundreds of papers to find a due date. That’s the kind of stress that has no place in your life any more. ($27 value)

The next section is made for students who find it hard to remember important deadlines like essay due dates, midterm exams, and final projects. Don’t feel bad if you’re struggling – it’s a lot to track! I’ll share the Rainbow Deadline System, the exact technique I invented to track deadlines while earning my PhD. This system teaches you how to assemble your deadlines in one place as well as an awesome trick for knowing what’s due – in advance. You’ll never be surprised by a major deadline ever again. (33$ value)

I also include tips like how to manage little deadlines (things that are due in a day or two), what to do if you tend to leave your planner at home, what to do if you forget to check your planner, and how to keep track of random life commitments like doctor’s appointments. ($13 value)

Since I know the Rainbow Deadline System is new for all of you, you’ll also receive detailed examples of how to use it. I teach you how to adjust the system depending on where you are in the semester. Whether you’re planning at the beginning of the semester, halfway through, or close to the end, you can still use the system to give yourself plenty of heads up before things are due. It’s not going to help the night before your exam, but the whole point is that you won’t need to experience last minute study marathons anymore. ($27 value)

I even include a troubleshooting section if you’re not seeing the results you wanted. Spoiler alert: if you have a health condition that’s not treated, that can cause a lot of problems at school. Plan for Success is a very effective system that works even if you have a disability, but for best results, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting all the medical care you need. ($13 value)

That’s $139 worth of value (but don’t worry, I’ve discounted it like crazy because I want everyone who needs a copy to have access to one). You’ll get the whole bundle for just $27.

Digital mockup of Plan for Success on a laptop, iPad, and phone

Questions? You’re in the right place.

Q: My teen has tried other systems before. Can this really help them?

I’ve been working as an educator for ten years at places like Duke and Baruch College, so the problems that students have are not new to me. I’ve been carefully tweaking my systems over the years to make them simple and effective. You’ll have the benefit of my experience as an educator, but you’ll also get to see exactly what worked for me when I was getting my Ph.D. I literally would not be a doctor without this system.

Q: Is it complicated? I don’t know if I’m up for an elaborate new system.

A: It’s super simple! I teach you my systems step-by-step. The steps themselves are super simple, like “get a few pieces of plain paper.” I want you to be able to achieve success easily, even if you’ve struggled with this your entire life.

Q: What if I work full time and am too busy to teach this system to my teen?

A: No worries! I’ve been teaching for so many years that I’ve gotten very good at explaining things easily and clearly. I know you want to help your teen as much as you can, but if your work schedule is just too insane right now, this system is straightforward. Your teen will definitely be able to teach themselves independently (though a little encouragement from a parent or caregiver never hurts! 😊)

Q: Will learning this system take a long time? My teen is super busy.

A: Expect the entire system to take an hour or two. Your teen can plan an entire semester in about the same time that it takes to watch a movie. Even better, your teen can use this system throughout high school and college. That’s years of benefit from just an hour or two of upfront time investment!

Q: What if I have ADD/ADHD? Will it still work for me?

A: Many students with ADD/ADHD find that color-coding can be very effective. The Rainbow Deadline System uses color to communicate urgency and will likely be much more helpful than just writing in pen or pencil. My systems are not a replacement for medical care (and yes, you will likely have a much easier time if you have access to appropriate treatment). But I literally created this system to help people who are not neurotypical. I want you to experience tons of success and I created this course to help make that happen.

Q: My teen is so impatient! Do you think it will work for them?

A: What’s nice about the Plan for Success system is that it’s fast. If your teen can survive the hour or two it takes to set up your planner, you’re literally set for the rest of the semester. I recommend creating a reward before you start to help with motivation (creating a little self-bribe is actually the first step of the Rainbow Deadline System, because I think everyone could use a little boost when learning something new!).

Q: What if it’s not the beginning of the semester? Is it too late to use Plan for Success?

A: No worries! I’ve included super detailed instructions about how to adjust Plan for Success based on how many weeks you have left in the semester. You’ll learn what to do if it’s halfway through the semester and how to plan if you have only five days until a final exam. You can adjust the system for almost any amount of time! It’s not effective the night before an exam, so if your exams are literally tomorrow, get a good night’s sleep, do your best, and then come back ASAP to learn this system once exams are over. If you invest a little time and money into Plan for Success, you’ll never end up in a last-minute study binge ever again.

Who is this for?

Working Parents of teens and college students

You want to help your student as much as possible but juggling work and home leaves you with very little energy.

Stay-at-home parents of teens and college students

You want to help your student with everything they need but parenting and managing your home is a ton of work. You would love an easy solution to help your student.

Parents or primary care-givers with ADHD or other executive functioning difficulties.

You love your child and you want to help them, but planning and organizing give you hives. You would love an easy solution that can help your student stay organized.

Parents of teens or older students who have executive functioning difficulties.

Your child has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, autism, or another condition that affects planning and focus. They have trouble planning because all of the text looks the same. You believe they would respond really well to a visual color-based system.

Parents with chronic illness who have disorganized teenagers or college students.

You want to help your student with everything they need, but your health is unbelievably draining. Your symptoms are unpredictable and very difficult to live with, and you generally need a ton of rest to keep your health stable. You would love an easy way to help your student that takes an hour or less and that helps them throughout the rest of their years in school. If you have a health flare, you might not be able to help as much as you would like, so it would be great if your teenager or college student had access to a system that they could easily learn by themselves.

Students who have trouble managing and remembering major deadlines, or who have difficulty organizing important papers such as take-home assignments.

You’re tired of teachers giving you a hard time when you forget quizzes and exams, and you would love an easy color-coded system. You would especially love if you could save yourself months of stress with just an hour or two of work.

How does it work?

Plan for Success is a digital product that you access using your computer.

First, click “Buy Now” and follow the prompts to complete the checkout process for Plan for Success. Once that’s complete, check your email. You’ll find a welcome email with a link inside. Click the link to access Plan for Success!

Refund Policy

Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase.

smiling confident girl wearing university t-shirt

Imagine if…

A few days from now, your teen had a complete map of major deadlines for the rest of the semester. Instead of fighting about last-minute homework assignments, you get to relax together and maybe even watch a movie (hot chocolate and popcorn optional).

Imagine that the next time you ask your teen about their homework, they say, “no worries, I’ve got this.” And imagine that little smile on their face that tells you that they’re so proud.

Your teen shouldn’t have to struggle for a moment longer than they have to.

Plan for Success

The complete planning guide for students who struggle with deadlines

With Plan for Success, there’s no need for your student to keep apologizing to their teachers every time they forget a major assignment, hoping they won’t fail. They’ll learn how to manage major school deadlines in a few hours or less.


digital mockup of Plan for Success on a laptop, iPad, and phone.